It’s Like A Cross Between

Corporate America is where  dreams go to die. Working in a corporate office is like a cross between being in high school and living under a Communist regime. I don’t care for either of these as they promote phoniness, snobbishness and dictatorial tactics. It requires me to constantly have to mildly compromise my integrity which is slowly killing me.

It is very clear that there is a bit of a class system if you will, a division between the higher ups and those that are second class citizens in their eyes. These lower-level plebs are made up of maintenance, mail room, administrative assistants, basically anybody without a title. Anybody who is not from this working class views them as servants and do not even acknowledge them unless they are of some sort of use to them. Hence the snobbishness.

The phoniness is rampant among this self-proclaimed nobility. They believe that what they are doing is very important and they are very interesting people. However, they are neither, yet they still share stories and anecdotes that are derivative and pedestrian only to be hailed by their counterparts as being of superior comedic substance or more interesting than the Dos Equis man. These people are living average humdrum lives, but they think they are something special because they are all lying to one another by encouraging this undeserved self-importance. It’s as fake as a reality television show.

The dictatorial tactics are very clear, think as we think and get in line or else you’re out. There is no way to appeal this either. The law has been decreed and you will abide by it. If you question it, you will be written up. Don’t you dare think for yourself. You must participate as part of the group. You must always represent the company culture.

This situation is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before as an adult. I know what I would have done twenty years ago, but that can’t happen as  this is what generates my income. This is the question that no one wants to answer, how much of your integrity are you willing to compromise? I’m not sure, but I know my patience is wearing thin.

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