Hot or Dumb?

In an office environment people like to decorate their spaces, whether it be cubicles, offices or meeting rooms. I am not one of those people. However, I’m not the topic of choice here, another person’s work area is. This person has pictures of his children, but none of his wife. So the million dollar question is, is this guy’s wife hot or dumb? (By dumb, I mean not particularly attractive.)

If I had a hot wife and was a person who was into showcasing my life to co-workers, I would absolutely have a picture of her on display. Do you know how many people have pig wives? If you had a good looking wife, you would show her off. However, if I had a hot wife, but maybe I want people thinking my marriage is not all that great so I have an easier pathway to cheating, I would not have a picture of her.

If I had a not so aesthetically pleasing spouse, I would absolutely not have her picture on display anywhere. I may be married to the bitch, but I wouldn’t open up the doors of everybody knowing that she is gross. I would hide her, like she should be hidden.

So what do you think? Is this guy’s wife hot or dumb? I want to go with was cute when they originally met, but has perhaps not aged so well over the years.

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