No You Don’t

I was having a conversation with a guy the other day and he said, “I like my family.” This was in reference to his wife and kids. I just sort of looked him with a yeah sure you do glance and ended the conversation. This guy is delusional. I think he is confused about the difference between like and love. I’m sure he loves his family, but he does not like them.

We’ll start with the kids, they are too young to be at the level of like. I know that he loves them as they are a narcissistic displacement, but he can’t like them. It is possible that once they are in their mid to late twenties that he will like them. When they are capable of adult exchanges and become slightly more peer-like. However, they are under the ages of ten, there is nothing to like, only to love.

Now lets get down to the wife, he does not like her. He loves her, probably out of loyalty, proximity and being the mother of his children. There is no chance that he likes her. That would imply he could have the same rapport with her as he would with one of his buddies. In the words of my friend Tommy, “Oh puh-lease.” No chance that he can be no holds barred in front of his wife with zero filter, that’s a total lie.

You may believe you love your family, but trust me, you don’t like them.

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