You can control your conscious mind to a certain degree, but when it comes to your subconscious mind, that’s like the Wild West. I swear sometimes the things I dream about are rather inappropriate and sometimes make me feel guilty in my conscious state, but why should I feel remorse? I can;’t be held accountable for where my mind drifts when I’m in REM. It’s not like I would actually go through with what my subconscious mind suggested, though it does make a tempting offer.

However, it make me think, is this something that I actually want to do or is it just a weird jumble of random thoughts that churned out this idea? That’s the worst part, now that this idea has been introduced to me, I kind of want to go through with it, even though that is not a good idea, fun, for sure, but bad news.

It’s really not fair, I’m not the bad guy, the gutters of mind are.

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