Every time a person asks me what I enjoy doing I don’t really have an answer, I suppose I do have an answer, just not one that would be acceptable. I have hobbies, just not what many would qualify as such. I like sleeping, my favorite pastime. However, I would say the thing that I do rather enjoy is people-watching. I don’t believe anybody likes this  more than I do, except maybe stalkers or serial killers. I hate interacting with people, but I love observing them.

I would much rather watch and listen to people’s interactions than actually have to partake in them. I learn so much about people. It really confirms my belief that humans are mainly atrocious animals. However, through people watching,  normal conversations and reasonable emotions are conveyed. I have been consistently told throughout my life that my reactions or comments to things are not normal. To me they seem appropriate, but apparently to everybody else they are labeled as unusual. People-watching gives me insight into what is apparently a basic, average human exchange.

My favorite part of this hobby is being able to deconstruct the players. Boy, do I love the deconstruction part. It’s like being a talk show psychiatrist, a solid analysis in five minutes or less. Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to prescribe medications.

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