Grey Skies

There was a blanket of clouds, so much so that the sky appeared completely grey. I drove along and notice this one small patch of blue between the sea of grey. It was this perfectly beautiful, almost unreal looking shade of blue. This one little patch of sky that was tranquil and wonderful and heavenly. I thought to myself, when do I get that? When do I get my patch of blue? I’ve been bogged down and practically drowning in the ocean of grey for years, when was it my turn to catch my breath and feel at peace.

Stopped at a traffic light, I noticed a couple, a married one I would assume. The woman was pregnant and the man had a dog on a leash and they seemed uncomfortably content. I don’t believe that they were truly happy, but it was almost like a slight of hand magic trick that they were convinced that they were. They appeared to believe they had their patch of blue, but the reality is that they were trapped even further in the ocean of grey than I could ever be. It was delusion that gave them blue. I don’t want delusional blue, I want it in all its realness. However, the question that remains is if this is even truly attainable.

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