Hubba Hubba

I was at the gymnasium the other day and this girl walked in who usually comes in with this guy. The girl is cute, nice, tight little body, decent face. The guy is nothing to write home about, he is forgettable. So the other day, this girl walks in with a different guy. God Damn! He was super gorgeous. He looked like Scott Eastwood.

Now, the shock here is that I honestly thought all the super hot people left this shit town years ago. I have no idea where this kid has been, but he should move immediately. He is way too hot to be in this location. The other shock was, why doesn’t this bitch bring him as her regular guy to work out with? I mean, what about me? Doesn’t this old lady deserve some scenery to perv out to?

Of course, since this day I have not seen either of them again, so disappointing.

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