Flash Forward

I was out the other night for some dinner and drinks, mainly drinks, but that’s neither here nor there. The point of this setting of the scene is that I was looking around the dining room and  people watching as I’m known to do and then I spotted it. It was a table with a family, husband, wife and two kids. I know nothing out of the norm, but there was an interesting plot twist, I knew the husband. Holy shockeroo, I thought,  he’s old and his kids are pretty big, how is the possible?

I began to do my arithmetic, which is rather lacking under sober circumstances, but surprisingly efficient in a state of mildly buzzed. Once I wrapped my head around the fact that it had been practically 15 years since I had seen him, the portrait of family of life made a bit more sense. You see, the mind blowing portion is that I used to talk to this guy, if you don’t know what “talk to” means, it is the polite way of saying we used to fuck. Not really a big deal by any means, I do remember at the end of our “conversation,” if you will, he had started “speaking” with another girl, who was a total skank, but hey, that’s not my dick that was playing Russian roulette. So I look at the wife a bit closer, yes, you guessed it, she was the skank.

So the guy I used to “talk to” and the skank are married with children, which is totally fine, great for them. The crushing part was the realization that I’m old, I know I’m old and obsolete, but way to really showcase how much so. I know that it is normal for people around my age to be married and have kids that are like five or seven, but I think it was just that I hadn’t seen them in so long and the context in which I relate them with is deliciously young 21 year old Ruth terms. It was like being in a really mean-spirited time machine.

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