There’s Nothing Left

I know the Super Bowl seems like it happened forever ago, but in the last two weeks I was really reflecting on it and I  came to the conclusion that there is nothing left for men. Lady Gaga is the halftime show? Sure, everybody thought it was a great performance,  but who is this everybody? Women and the media. I don’t know a single guy that was like, “Lady Gaga was fantastic.”

To add insult to injury, the commercials were all shit PSAs. I don’t want a lecture. I want to enjoy the game and maybe in the in between see something funny. Can the marketing geniuses in the beer industry get it together? Go back to basics, everybody loved the beer commercials that were T & A, nobody wants a history on immigrants. Didn’t you learn with your colossal blunder of last year when you hired those two fat fucks, Schumer and Rogen, to sell your product and it tanked? Not only the commercials but actual sales.

I thought men would make a comeback in Trump’s America. I implore all men to take something back before they completely dismantle anything that interests you.

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