And A Side Of….

I have quite the conundrum on my hands. It is almost like a weird philosophical deconstruction. The side chick is the perfect role for somebody of my composition. You get all the really filthy, disgusting sex, but you don’t have any real commitment. It’s a relationship that is based on some physical heat, a dash of like and that’s about it. It’s pretty simple except for the part that makes it complicated, the legitimate significant other.

If you’re a side chick, that means there is a girlfriend, fiancee or wife and here’s the part that is tricky, I apparently have my old moral conscience back and quite frankly, it’s a plague. In my teens, I believed any cheating was unacceptable and those who cheat are pieces of shit. In my twenties, I really lost any sense of right and wrong and may have had some dalliances with those who were spoken for. During this time period I was heavily drinking, not that this is an excuse, but a factor. My mindset was that of I’m single, they’re not, they are the cheaters. Now in my thirties, I’m old, boring and sober and I understand that everybody has different circumstances so you can’t judge cheating. I just don’t want any involvement in it because it is unnecessary dramatics and I don’t want to be an asshole anymore.

So this is the problem, the side chick job description fits my agenda perfectly, but the helping to cheat amoral aspect will not allow me to go through with it. And no, you can’t do this with somebody who is single for two reasons: The first, if both people are single then there is a chance for commitments and jealousies to rear their ugly heads. The second is, the majority of what makes being a side chick desirable is the taboo of being with somebody who should be unattainable.

What’s a good girl that identifies as a side chick to do?

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