And Don’t Underestimate the Power of Body Language

Or lack thereof. The other day, I was sitting next to a guy, that I honestly would  not have sex with because of many factors like he’s married and I don’t do that sort of thing anymore and also, I don’t particularly find him super attractive, the circumstances dictate the attraction. So basically in any other scenario, I would never even give him a second thought.

I’m sitting there and decide, will lets give out the body language signals of I’m super into you. Why? I guess out of boredom and to see that if I wanted to, I could sleep with him. Well, this backfired in my face. As soon as I presented myself, if you will, holy recoil on his end.

It was hilarious and hurtful all at once. Honestly, more funny than anything. I don’t even actually really want to do anything with him, I was just dicking around. However, at the same time, slightly hurtful that this rejection came from a person that should probably be welcoming my advances.

I guess the point of my little social experiment is that you shouldn’t mess around with married people and I’m apparently abhorrent. Both of these conclusions probably could have been made without the experimental portion.

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