I Think It Would Work Now

I watched the 30 for 30: This Was the XFL. The ending was interesting, Vince McMahon and Dick Ebersol discussing the demise of the league with the potential of a resurrection. I think what may not have caught on fifteen years ago would totally work now.

A lot of people are tuning out of the NFL for a plethora of reasons. They have seen a consistent ratings decline this season. Perhaps if there was another competitive league to offer the people they would flock to it. They should learn from the past mistakes and totally relaunch the XFL (without Jesse Ventura.)

If they made it slightly less theatrical and had high level players, I think it would gain traction. Plus, the disdain for Roger Goodell is pretty strong, everybody loves Vince McMahon. I say give the XFL a reboot, they might as well, everything else is being recycled, why not this?


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