Still Not Sure About It

I have been watching The Young Pope on HBO and I’m still debating whether it is good or not. I think it started off a bit slowly, but it is gaining some traction now.

Jude Law plays a phenomenal asshole, yes, he is the Pope, but he is really convincing and extrmely unlikable.

Diane Keaton is the same in everything, I don’t get her career as some A-List actress. I suppose she is fine, but this is her one tricky pony apporach that I’m familiar with. (On another note, holy shit, did she get old!)

James Cromwell is fantastic as the mentor who has been surpassed by his protege.

The rest of the cast, I’m not familiar with, as they are mainly foreign actors. Silvio Orlando is very good as the Pope’s nemesis.

I am pleased they are showing two episodes per week as I think it makes the viewer really stick with it. I’m hoping it keeps improving.

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