Tone It Down

I have found myself in a situation with a particular person in which I don’t think they completely understand my personality or perhaps they do and they don’t care for it. Normally this would not be problematic, but this is an unavoidable situation. So now I have come to terms with the idea that I must tone it down, which is basically being a fake.

I don’t like having to be a phony baloney. It kills me on the inside when I have to bite my tongue. I understand the whole concept of a time and a place, but completely suppressing your personality seems like an extremely impossible feat. I’m going to have to be the opposite of me.

I know for the Seinfeld enthusiasts, you are thinking, well it got George the job at the Yankees. That is a very good point, but at the end of the day, the real George surfaced.

I suppose I will attempt to be as sedate as possible, but I know this will all culminate in a monster blow up, I can’t hold it in anymore, I must make a snide remark dipped in very dark humor that will land me in very hot water.


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One thought on “Tone It Down

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