A Sad Day

Last Friday, on Inauguration Day, a woman I know approached me and said, “Not to get political, but today is a sad day.” Well, what isn’t political about that? Also, Katrina and the Waves Walking on Sunshine  has been playing in my head since November 8, 2016.

I responded with, “Why? The next eight years are going to be hilarious.” She rambled some nonsense and then replied, “Well, it’s all about presentation.”

To which I stated, “Presentation? Look at our last three Presidents.” She then ended the conversation abruptly.

I found that exchange to be rather telling of why the Democrats lost this election and how they really are still in denial. This woman came up to me with no doubt in her mind that I voted for Clinton. Wrong bitch, I have a MAGA hat. I would never just assume that somebody voted Trump. The Democrats really were out of touch this election cycle.

Also, why is it a sad day? This is what fake news propaganda has led people to believe. Their sound bites and hysteria have completely ill-informed the public.

Lastly, I understand what she means about presentation, but for Pete’s sake, Clinton was getting head in the Oval Office, Bush was a borderline autistic doofus and Obama used street slang in speeches and press conferences like he was in a World Star Hip Hop video. What presentation?

She ended the conversation that she started upon realizing, that gasp, I don’t hold her beliefs. However, in conversation with liberals this last eighteen months, I’m used to them ending the conversation when they don’t like what they hear and also calling me stupid multiple times throughout the exchange.

This reasserts my belief that women should not vote. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I will give up my right to vote  if it disqualifies all women from voting. That’s my patriotic sacrifice.

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