They’re All Miserable

All women are miserable, but there are different ways in which they handle their misery. There are the women who are just never going to be satisfied miserable which can be annoying because it’s like a constant struggle of trying to cheer them up. It makes you feel like Sisyphus. The other kind is when she does everything to make everybody around her miserable. This is the worst kind of bitch there is.

I have seen many men with their girls that are like this. If the guys are having fun with their buddies, the girl will get pissed and throw a fun ruining grenade. The most insane part is that these guys, not only tolerate this behavior but they stay with these women. It’s a sad state of affairs.

However, these types of miserable women don’t just ruin their man’s good times, they will try and spoil shit for a co-worker, a girl friend, it doesn’t matter. They are like terrorists who will not stop until everybody is just as unhappy as them. They are like a bad mood spreading plague.

If you’re miserable fine, that makes perfect sense, life is not fun, but internalize your bullshit, don’t take it out on other people.

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