Don’t Say You’re Going to Call

About a month ago I went for a job interview. Before I left the last thing they said to me is, “You’ll hear from us either way. We won’t just not contact you.” Meanwhile, one month later, crickets, radio silence, nothing.

Now, I don’t even care about the job at this point. I am insulted that they did not call like they said they would. I feel like I was just hit and quit.

I show up in my Sunday best and deliver a great interview, you tell me you’ll call and then you don’t. Call me crazy but this is the same thing as having sex with a guy, doing the dirty things without hesitation, he says he’ll call you and you never hear from him again.

I feel like a fool because I was expecting to hear from them, waiting by the phone like a fool. I finally gave up on the idea I would be hearing from them two days ago, talk about egg on your face.

The only thing I regret is wasting my charm and wit on those never-going-to-call-you-back fibbers.

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