The Best Of The Worst

Not counting  First Blood, which was the original of the John Rambo series, which was the best Rambo movie?

I have to go with  Rambo which was the fourth installment. The second and third films of the franchise were not good. The third one went completely of the rails with Russians in Afghanistan, it was super corny. I know that you have to suspend disbelief in action movies but it was just brutally awful.

I pick the fourth film as the best of the worst. The body count was completely unreasonable. However, I think it must have been something about the way it was shot that actually made this one really entertaining.

Released in 2008, I would say it is probably one of the last major motion pictures to get away with what would be deemed racist in 2016.

Also, the fact that Stallone is more cut in this last one than in any of the others is rather remarkable. Of course, his acting is atrocious but you don’t care because he is killing everybody.

I hope that this last film is the final one of the Rambo franchise.

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