Sniped By Mail

I got a coupon in the mail for Rephresh. This product is a gel that eliminates feminine odor or to put it far less eloquently, it rids you of cunt smell. The thing that really was insulting is I have no idea why this was mailed to me?

Usually, if you buy like products then companies who track your purchasing habits will target you for one of their products. I buy no feminine hygiene products (aside from those needed for the monthly cycle) because my nether regions do not stink because well, I shower.

How insulting? This company is insinuating that I have rank gash. How dare they besmirch my good name? Hello, this went through postal channels, maybe somebody in the post office was like, “I know this bitch, shit her pussy smells.” I mean, it is not only bad publicity but it is slander.

On the flip side, I’m sure there are women who are dirty whores that don’t scrub their slits who may have received this and thought, “shit, my vent definitely has some repugnant stench, I should totally purchase this.” As well they should, but I am not one of these women.

I just love how I’m being slickly mocked. I hope whoever decided to send me this coupon is cursed. If a woman, then may her cunt stink so horribly that nobody can be near her. If a man, may every woman he encounters sexually be plagued with stinky holes. A pox! A pox on thee!

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