End The Cycle of Abuse

I enjoy Chinese food. However, the one thing that I don’t care for is the process in which I have to obtain it, by this I mean, the ordering-picking up system.

When you order they are rude and when you pick up the food they are far from pleasant. No matter how overly polite you are to the Chinese restaurant workers, they are total dicks back. Of course, they are all speaking to each other in an undecipherable language and laughing which is just uncomfortable because you have a sense they are mocking you, which they probably are, and making you feel insecure.

Under normal circumstances any sane person would never return to an establishment that had such poor customer service but you can’t leave. Why? Well, because you can’t make your own Chinese food that tastes like it does in the restaurant and all the Chinese restaurants know this which is why they are so awful to their customers.

If you are a Chinese restaurant goer you are the battered woman who never leaves. You contemplate it, you may even leave for a while but you always come back.


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