The Comeback Kids

I really felt that if Hillary Clinton won the election that it would be completely over for men. Luckily for men, Trump is President-Elect. Does this mean that men will finally make a comeback?

I hope so. I would like to see a bit more testosterone injected into American ideologies. I’m sick of this mother-hen mentality. I don’t want to be told what I can’t say, do or think. These humorless holes have sucked the fun out of everything. It’s time for some classic man, I don’t give a fuck attitude to rise up once again.

Trust me, once men are the bosses again, women are going to be way happier. It all goes back to the most accurate statement I’ve ever heard in regards to male-female relationships:

“Women don’t want to win, they want a winner.” -Patrice O’Neal

Lets hope men take the Trump line of “winning so much that you’re going to be sick of winning” and make it a reality.

Men, the time is yours, strike while the iron is hot and Make American Men Great Again!

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