They Just Don’t Get It

The MSM is out to lunch. These hacks have gotten everything wrong for the last eighteen months yet they still spout off as if they are know-it-alls. They still have not learned that Donald Trump is the ultimate troll. He has been messing with the media for the better part of thirty years and they still have not caught on.

According to these smug autistic fools that call themselves pundits and journalists, the Trump Transition Team is in disarray. Yeah, sure, really believable. Did Soros and the DNC tell you to report this or is this the new Left fan fiction about the evil Right? Stop it!

Trump is fine and so is his transition team. These vultures have placed cameras in the lobby of Trump Tower to see who Trump is meeting with. They keep floating names with positions that are so out there it makes me laugh. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump is leaking these possibilities just to mess with the media ,making them look, yet again, like a dog chasing its own tail.

Trump meeting people, like Romney and Haley, is not just to have these media dolts look like complete dunces when the final picks are made but to make Trump look like the bigger person. It’s a great tactic, he invites them and meets with them and is cordial. This way if these Never Trump rejects speak ill of him, they look like the classless losers that they are. The higher ground, bigger person strategy is one of the best.

In my fantasy world, he meets them and degrades them. What I wouldn’t give to hear him say, “So Nikki, ya dumb cunt, backing Little Marco, how’d that work out for you?” Hilarious as it would be this is not reality.

Trump is trolling not only the media but the Never Trump backstabbers by letting them believe there’s a space for them in the Trump camp. It’s rather genius.

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