It’s Nonsense, It Make No Sense

Did third wave feminism kill Hillary Clinton’s chance of a presidential win?

Aside from the corruption permeating through the Clinton camp, I think that the batty mentality of her feminist supporters did Clinton no favors.

To sum up third wave feminism succinctly, women want to be treated as equals while playing the woman card at their convenience.

Yes, read that summation again, wrap your head around it and let it sink in. It is a complete contradiction, but then again, this is a classic example of what I refer to as bitch logic. It is completely mind-boggling, the lack of self-awareness.

These women believe Clinton lost because of misogyny. These women are goofy with too much time on their hands. Women who supported Trump did so because they liked something in his policies, you know, the basis of why somebody would vote for a particular candidate.

These crackpot hens missed the ball, not surprisingly. Clinton basically played the woman card at every turn which was a turnoff to women who don’t care about gender politics, they care about actual politics.

Though I vehemently detest everything that third wave feminism has birthed, I must thank them for helping the better man win.

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