Proving A Point

For all the women who voted for Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman, this one’s for you.

After Clinton’s devastating election loss the reactions of female supporters was a river of tears. They were crying openly and without restraint. This reaction and inability to control emotions is precisely the reason why people feel women are unfit to be leaders.

To be fair, when McCain lost to Obama in 2008 and Sarah Palin was tearing up, I thought the same thing. She could have potentially been second in line to run the U.S. but could not compose herself after a loss. This is not a good look for leadership.

Again, to be even more fair, when Speaker John Boehner sobbed, he lost all credibility. When President Obama teared up, it was an embarrassment.

You cannot be in a position of power and shed tears. You look irrational and weak. Nobody wants a leader like that, they want strong and pragmatic.

On the flip side, lets play hypothetical, imagine if the female candidate was a Republican, would all these women vote for her based on gender or would they put her through the ringer? I’m guessing they would bash her horribly, the same women who claimed that Clinton was treated horribly because she’s a woman would be the most savage. If you don’t believe that, look at how shitty Margaret Thatcher was treated.

I am not saying that there is not any woman out there that could not run the country, I’m just saying that this waterworks display did you all a huge disservice and set you back further than you could ever imagine as far as being taken seriously for a major leadership role.

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