My Favorite

I know they say how online trolling is considered horrible but some of the trolls are super funny. I’m not a troll but I am a fan of their work to the point that I actually have favorite go-to troll.

He is so funny. This troll makes me laugh harder than most comedians in 2016. I wont name names, as not to bring attention to him but he is one of the best at the trolling game.

I just feel like some of these trolls should be paid for their work. I know that they do it just to mess around with people but I honestly feel like they should be monetized for their services.

I must say, these trolls, the really good ones, have never let me down. Thy always bring a smile to my face. I suppose you need to have a twisted, dark sense of humor to really appreciate them but then again how many great artists were not recognized in the moment?

Perhaps, down the road, these trolls will be appreciated for their talents.

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