Reactionary Hotness

I have noticed one thing about conservative women, they are very attractive. If you look through social media and you see the young women who support Donald Trump you would absolutely agree that they could be Maxim models. Even the women who are thicker, have pretty faces and the ones who are older are very put together.

If you look through social media and you see those females that are with her you would not give them a second look and be disgusted that you even had to give them a first look. They are not an appealing bunch on a physical level.

This got me wondering how it is that the majority of conservative women are far more eye-appealing than those that are liberal?

After some thought it became rather clear to me, attractive women don’t have to really worry about being liked. They will be liked regardless of their political stances because of their looks so they are free to hold opinions that may not be approved by the left-wing shame mobs.

Unattractive, liberal women are the ones who are most left because they believe their ideas show them in a light of nurturing and caring about the well-being of others and their plights. If they did not convey this sense of caring for those they deem less-fortunate, they would have nothing else to offer.

I suppose this makes most sense at the basic biological level. Attractive women are alphas who are independent and those who are more homely are betas who are people pleasers. I have never come across an alpha, male or female, who was a liberal.

At least now Election Day as I wait in line I can kill the time by playing Who Are You Voting For? I’ll mark the good looking people down as a vote for Trump.

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