The War On Men Is Real

Why are men not fighting back? This is a complete debacle. I honestly thought they would have their uprising after the leaked Billy Bush-Donald Trump audio but nothing. As soon as the audio was released I was super pumped because I thought, “this is it, men are finally going to tell the women to fuck off about language policing and what’s appropriate!” Unfortunately, to my dismay, this was far from the case.

In the days following this leak, which in-and-of-itself irritates me because it was a private conversation, I was bombarded with men saying things like, “I have daughters and I would not like to hear men talk about them like this,” or “I don’t agree with his language.” What. The. Fuck! Who are these dumb, de-balled pussies? Shut up you dishonest pieces of shit!

First of all, people say things in private that they may not say publicly. Second, I have heard men’s “locker room” talk plenty of times and it’s funny. Third, I have heard women’s “locker room talk” and it is absolutely vicious, they are straight up cunts when they talk about men. Lastly, if you are that drastically outraged by words you should seek mental help because you have not attained the basic life skills necessary to navigate through this world.

I thought the men would rally for Trump and Bush, politics aside. I mean, Billy Bush lost his job over it, that’s ridiculous. (To be perfectly honest, the most shocking thing to me from this leak was that Bush was straight.) However, the “men” sandbagged them and got up on their high horses pretending they’ve never talked shit. Stop it, the level of disingenuous is too much for any reasonable person to digest.

Men, you need to get it together. November 8, 2016 is your last chance for survival. This feminized culture is coming for any semblance of masculinity that remains in this country. If you have a penis, black, white, brown, gay, straight, transgender, you absolutely must vote for Donald Trump. If Hillary Clinton is President, it is all over for men. They will completely brainwash all the young men into believing that they are sexists unless they’re feminists. Don’t let this happen! A strong male leader is the perfect remedy for this climate of disillusioned boys and men who have lost their way to manhood.

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