@HillaryClinton Hates Russians

I honestly can’t believe that nobody has addressed this yet, but I will be the one to do it. Hillary Clinton has made it quite clear that Russians are hacking into Democrats emails, are attempting to rig the U.S. election and basically any damaging evidence against her, is the Russians fault. She boldly and unapologetically accuses the Russians of doing things with zero proof. Now, as a Russian-American, I think it is extremely horrific that she would make such claims and raise Russophobic sentiments across the United States.

I am the child of parents who immigrated from the former Soviet Union. I was born in America and I love America. However, growing up in the 1980’s, it was not so fun being form a Russian background. The movies portrayed Russians as villains. I never wanted to tell people of my family roots. That was something that I accepted as the Cold War was still prevalent though dwindling. I did not resent Americans’ distaste for Russians considering the circumstance. However,  to this day when people find out that I am Russian they ask me if I’m a Communist. (I’m so not, I’m the most pro-Capitalism person I know.) So why does Hillary Clinton fell compelled to re-fan the flames of anti-Russian attitudes in this country when, as her buddy so eloquently stated in his 2012 debate with Romney, that the 1980’s called and they would like their foreign policy back?

I think it completely hypocritical of her to claim that Trump’s rhetoric about certain groups is horrible yet she is doing the same thing when talking about Russians. The key difference here is that when Trump discusses these groups there are factual accounts of crimes perpetrated against Americans. Illegal Mexican immigrants committing rapes and murders can be proved. Remember the Saudis committing a terrorist act with the two towers? China is doing financially criminal things that has repercussions to the U.S. economy. All of these have documentation.

Clinton’s Russian narrative does not. Clinton claims that she has intelligence sources that say it was the Russians. Really? Are they the same ones that sold us all on WMD? Fool me once, shame on me. Show me some evidence and maybe I can get behind your little theory.

I believe that Clinton feels fine making these bold claims because Russians have an attackable skin color, that is, there would be no cries of racism or being intolerant. The darker skin hues of the Chinese, Mexicans and Saudis make any negative sentiments about them atrocious in the eyes of the progressives and Clinton can’t afford to lose their support. I am not saying that the Russians are perfect but I am also not willing to go to war with them over nothing.

Hillary Clinton clearly hates Russians.

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