Social Media Makes Me Sick

I think we should just get rid of all forms of social media. It makes me sick. Why? Well, because it has really exposed so many guys that I’m friends with as being sissies.

I don’t ever look at people’s timelines because I don’t care but I happened upon one of a guy that I know and that I like.

I never thought he was namby-pamby. He’s actually rather affable. His Facebook page might be one of the corniest things I’ve ever seen. It made me want to puke. He comes off like some effeminate poof. It was so gay, filled with platitudes and retarded videos that are supposedly humorous.

Yuck, it made me want to puke.

This dumb page has ruined this person for me. I have lost respect for this total dandy.

I blame the WInklevoss twins. They let that fruitcake Zuckerberg steal their idea and turn it into a henhouse of softness.

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