Dried Up

We are currently experiencing a drought in Massachusetts. It is at the point where all outside water use is prohibited. This seems reasonable. Well, it seems reasonable to me because I’m not a selfish asshole unlike a plethora of idiots that reside near me.

You don’t need to water your shitty lawn.

You don’t need to water your stupid flowers.

You don’t need to water your ridiculous vegetable garden.


You do need water to live. You know, to drink, to eat and to maintain hygiene.

Why do you have sprinklers running? May I add, on a morning that there was actually some rainfall? What the fuck you inconsiderate, self-absorbed fool? I wanted to call the city and report this buffoon but I’m not a rat.

It is the end of September in New England. Who cares about your landscaping? It’s all going to turn to shit in a few weeks, just let your lawn dry out. Fuck it!

I am appalled at how these lawbreakers have the gall to waste perfectly good water supplies on nonsense. This is precisely why Communism does not work!

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