Them Youngins

I was going for a stroll the other day and I received quite the compliment. A very hot young man gave this old lady the up-and-down check out with a smile. No. I’m not fibbing. He was in his work truck and I was moseying along.

Yes. He was hot. Stereotypically hot. How do I know? We were in a residential neighborhood and he was pulling up to a stop sign as I was about to cross the street so I got a good look. He was fine, so  much so that if he pulled over I would’ve blown him on the spot.

It made me laugh because I’m an old bitch but then I thought, well maybe he couldn’t really tell since I was wearing a chapeau, no, not my Make America Great Again red hat which is a real head-turner,  just some Nike hat. Then I realized, maybe he couldn’t see how old I was but he could definitely see the shape I was.

This was alarming. Why would this gorgeous guy be doing this? Perhaps as a joke? But why waist histime? Then it hit me, these fat women in the media have brainwashed men into thinking they are hot and it’s okay to be a fat woman when it is so not hot or okay.

Can somebody please put the kibosh on these crazy bitches and their propaganda?

They are ruining the youth of America.

Meanwhile, I would love to reconnect with this very confused, very, very good looking young man and help straighten him out. Don’t think I haven’t been keeping an eye out.

Maybe we were just two ships passing in the night.

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