Did He?

One of my friends told me that a mutual acquaintance had lost a lot of weight and that “he looks good.” My friend is not one to lie so I took their word for it.

The person my friend referenced was always very large. I had not seen him for several years. The last time I did, he was fat. There’s no debate, the man was morbidly obese. So I honestly believed this was a great thing that this fat man lost a lot of weight.

Imagine my surprise when I happened to see this man. Holy smokes, was my mind blown. He was just as fat as the day I had last seen him. Luckily, the fat man did not spot me, saving me form the obligatory how do you do’s of a faux hello. Also, luck was on my side, as I have no poker face and I’m sure the expression on my mug was that of you’re still extremely fat and it is undeniably disgusting.

I think my friend may have a few screws loose. This fatso was as big as he ever was. I’m not even being mean. I’m fat. I’m sure if somebody said that I lost weight and looked good and then somebody saw me they would feel the same way. That being said, I have far less to lose than this slob. The man makes tubby look slim. In case you missed the point, he’s still very fat.

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