I Need To Stop

I watched the movie Sisters the other day. No, not the masterpiece by my future husband Brian De Palma but the Tina Fey-Amy Poehler disaster.

I did not laugh once. I was not mildly amused once. It was not funny.

Hollywood, please listen to me, if you make a comedy movie that is actually funny people will go watch it. It does not matter if it is a female cast. It only matters that it is funny. The only requirement of a comedic film is…..FUNNY.

That’s probably why the female reboot of Ghostbusters was a catastrophe. The reason it bombed was not because it was women, it was because it was not funny. If it was really funny, even people that went into watching it with the idea that it would stink would turn around if it was funny.

I am sick of trying to watch something dubbed a comedy movie and not laughing. I don’t want a moral. I don’t want people sorting out their problems. I want ninety minutes of funniness.

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