The Reviews Are In

I am always behind in watching newer films because they are usually horrendous. Here are a few that I recently watched.

The Danish Girl: I didn’t care for this one bit. I didn’t think the acting was good though the Academy thinks very differently. It was boring. Plus, I just can’t stand Eddie Redmayne’s face, can we stop casting him please?

Brooklyn: I did not care for the plot of the film but if you like this sort of love story thing then you will like this. The acting was really good. I also came to the conclusion the Emory Cohen is the best looking average looking guy.

Heart of the Sea: I’m over CGI. I really wanted to like this movie but it underwhelmed. The acting was atrocious and the special effects were too much, it took you right out of the movie.

Suffragette: I have no idea why I even did this to myself as I do not support women’s suffrage, hey I’ll give up my vote if the rest of these bird brains lose theirs. The plot was awful. I thought the acting would be decent since Helena Bonham Carter and Carey Mulligan are usually pretty good but even they couldn’t save this mess. It was great if you’re into movies about victimhood and don’t care about film aesthetics in the slightest.

Perhaps the next time I write about current films there will be a bit more positivity, but I won’t hold my breath.

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