Like Something Out Of A Seinfeld Episode

The other day I was running across the street from my place of work to get something from the Dollar Store. I asked my co-worker if I could get them something to which they replied they wanted some sort of junk food cookies if they had them. I went to the store, got what I needed, got my co-worker what they requested and returned to work.

I handed over the requested item and they said thank you, took it, opened it up and grabbed one of the packages within the box out and started eating it.

They did not offer to compensate me. They did not offer me some of what I bought for them.

I felt as if I should be George going to Monk’s Cafe to complain to Jerry.

Can you believe it? No offer to pay, I don’t need the dollar, but you offer, you offer to pay. And then to not only not offer to pay but to not offer me some of the treat that I just bought for them? It’s rude, that’s what it is, it’s rude. I don’t want the money. I don’t want the treat. I want the offer. That’s all I want. I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

Quite honestly, I was shocked by this considering this co-worker is usually well-mannered.

Next time I go to the Dollar Store, I’m not offering and I’m going to buy the treat they like and open it in from of them and eat it and not offer it to them even though I don’t really care for it but I’d eat it of spite. Believe me, I’ve done far worse out of spite.

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