This Is The True Story

Recently there was a marathon of The Real World: Los Angeles. I used to watch this hardcore when it originally aired. I would watch the episodes over and over. I was only twelve when it was originally broadcast. My favorite was Dominic. So I decided to watch some of the episodes and see what I thought of them at almost thirty six.

Dominic is still my favorite. I only wish 24 year old Dominic and 24 year old Ruth could have somehow met. It would be a drunken shit show. I think it’s funny that he was always my favorite even at 12, like I knew he was the most fun.

I guess I really was a late bloomer because I so did not get the Aaron was fine. I liked him because he got along with Dominic. I like him now because he was hot, super conservative and ridiculously Aryan.

The thing that struck me most is how adult they were for their late teens and early twenties. Many of them already had careers. If you watch much later years of this franchise it is just really drunk college kids.

Anyway, I had to find out where my two favorite boys are now. Thanks Google search. They are both really successful. Good for them.

By the way, if Aaron is single, which I highly doubt, I would totally molest him. He still looks good from the few pictures I found.

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