What Was All The Hullabaloo About?

I finally watched two movies that were really involved in the claim that the Oscars were “So White” and I have to say, why cause a stink over them when they weren’t very good?

To be perfectly honest, I thought they were both super corny.

Concussion was not good. I know the story because I had read and watched about it as it was happening in real time. Will Smith was horrible. Why did his wife freak out about him not getting an Oscar nomination? His accent made me feel like Smith was doing his impression of Eddie Murphy’s impression of an African accent in Coming to America. The whole thing was cheesy.

I really had high hopes for Straight Outta Compton but boy was I disappointed. I didn’t think the acting was anything special, it was fine and fine doesn’t qualify you to receive Oscar nominations. I understand that in bipoics they take liberties but my goodness! Dr. Dre was painted as a saint. Remember those women he hardcore beat up? I love N.W.A. but come on, I thought this could have been way grittier. The one thing I enjoyed was the “Ruthless” baseball hats.

I really wish that I thought these two movies were as good as I had thought they would be. With such an uproar that they were not recognized by the Academy I honestly believed they would be unbelievably good. Unfortunately, I lost about five hours of my life for nonsense.

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