Assimilation Is Key

I am going to show how important assimilation really is. My example does not include race, nationality or religion. It is however, a frightening look into what could potentially occur if people entering our country refuse to assimilate.

Many years ago the workforce was male dominated. One day women decided they would also like to go into the workforce and so they did. Women felt uncomfortable in many situations because of the
“boys club” culture that they were thrust into. Women did not think it was fair and thought the men were being inappropriate. Women complained but said that nobody took them seriously. Since the women were unhappy and they take great pride in making the men around them just as miserable they established something called Human Resources. This department was composed of angry women and beta male white knights that thought they could charm women with their sensitivity. Human Resources grew stronger and stronger and the “boys club” culture became obsolete. Now, Human Resources is like a fascist dictatorship. Nobody can say anything, do anything or have any kind of fun for if they do they will receive a stiff punishment.

This occurred because women did not assimilate to the established work culture. Men should have not appeased them thinking this hen house nonsense wouldn’t stick. They underestimated their opponent and are now living in a prison. They are not free, they are under the rule of the stark raving mad.

Heed my words, assimilation is key.

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