Tell ‘Em Where They Can Stick Their Money

Let me be political  pundit for a second.

I think that if Donald Trump wants to pull in some undecided voters, specifically those who were once Bernie Sanders supporters he could do it with one simple promise. If Trump said that he would forgo the salary and the pension afterwards if elected.

He should take the money and donate it to inner cities that need funding for youth programs and veterans’ organizations.

I think that would be a kill shot for him. He would get a big bump.

Plus, it would be like a total F you to the system that he labels corrupt. It would like a refusal to take dirty money.

It’s such a simple thing to throw out there, he could absolutely do it and he should absolutely do it.

It’s getting down to the wire and every vote counts.

How much more satisfying of a win would it be if it was a landslide as opposed to a neck and neck?

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