Shut It Down

In this last year I have had many discussions with people about the Presidential election. I have spoken with supporters of Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, Rubio and Trump. Now that we are down to the final two it seems like these conversations are getting far more heated by one side. Who do you think that would be? If you listen to nothing but MSM babble then I’m sure you believe it to be the Trump supporters but no, it is of the Clinton Supporters.

I am voting for Donald Trump. He had me from the start with his immigration stance, won me over with the nicknames and secured me with his Bob Hope style red MAGA hat which makes me look adorable.

Anyway, I don’t even bring up election talk anymore but when others do I engage. Of course, living in the sea of blue of Massachusetts, more people then not are voting for Hillary Clinton. These people become slightly unhinged when they learn that I’m on the Trump Train.

I am bombarded with:

Why? My answer is because I support his immigration stance.

A wall won’t work. My reply is please see Israel, Russia, China and Germany. (A little something called the Berlin Wall worked wonders for years.)

You can’t deport. My answer is you can. Please look at Operation Wetback during the Eisenhower administration. Done without computerized systems by the way. And everybody liked Ike!

Who will do those jobs? My answer is honestly, in a few years it will be robots, until then teenagers or other unemployed Americans.

They won’t do it. Not for that money: My answer is they will do it if they are paid a fair wage, which should be happening. So basically you’re saying you’re okay with illegals doing slave labor.

What about the refugees? My answer is they have Muslim majority countries to which they can flee to safety, such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

What about the children? What about the American children who are living in near favelas? Shouldn’t we help them first?

Of course, all of my answers are always screamed over because apparently Dems can’t compute facts, only emotions.

The coup de grace, is always, a “you’re stupid!”

Well, how can I win that argument. I may be stupid for many reasons but this is not one of them.

The best part is when I try and bring up their enchanting candidate, Madame Clinton, they all say, “the conversation is over.”

As you can see, we are dealing with reasonable people here.

You can vote as wish but to those who so vehemently oppose Trump I ask you this since I’m never allowed the opportunity in real life:

Why are you so opposed to helping Americans, all Americans, those born here and those who went through the immigration process properly, first?

Charity begins at home after all, so when we are stronger as a nation, then we can help others.

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