Tough Guy

Women are always claiming that they like men who are strong, not necessarily in the physical sense but one who is tough and resilient. It is interesting that they claim to find this attractive because what makes a man have such a characteristic is in direct opposition to what women want to hear, which are lies.

A man who is tough is one that is truthful. However, honesty is not something that women take well.

Example, if a woman asks a man something and he gives her an honest answer and then she freaks out, the man has two options, stick to his guns or fold. A strong guy will stick to his guns and explain to his woman why he is right and she should learn from this.

That’s why a guy who cheats and lies about is weak. A tough guy would be forthright and tell a woman that he did it.

I have been with plenty of guys who fucked other people while we were fucking regularly. I knew they did it. They would never admit it which is what pissed me off. If they had just said they did it, it would have been fine. The only reason I care is because of health risks. If I get an STD I want to earn it fair and square, not from some tangential fucking. Sorry but I like me more than I give a shit about somebody I’m having sex with, which speaks volumes considering I hate myself. These men were weak.

Interesting to point out here, I  told these people when I fucked other people. It’s a common courtesy. No wonder these dalliances didn’t work out, I was more of a man then them.

There is strength in the truth.

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