A Losing Battle

I’m not saying that this is exactly how soldiers felt when they fought in Vietnam but it has to be close. Is there anything worse than when a buddy asks you to hang out but with the caveat that their significant other is going to be there and their significant other stinks?

I will say there is one person that I am friends with that I like his mate as much as I like him.

Now, I don’t need to be best friends with these people. As I say, I’m not the one that has to live with them. If my friends want to live like that, fine. When my friends ask me to hang out with them I feel like I’m on my way to Vietnam to help battle communists but I don’t really support the war but I feel like out of loyalty I have to go help fight.

I think this is such a taxing task for me because I don’t like to be phony. I don’t like having to associate with people I don’t care for on my time. It really is exhausting. It is a no-win situation. It’s either be fake and want to kill myself when all is said and done or be honest and piss of the friend’s significant other setting off a firestorm.

In either case, you leave like a shell-shocked soldier.

What I need to do the next time is channel my boy Sergeant Bob Barnes. He would never stand for this.

Everybody got to die sometime, Red.

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