The Alt-Right Comic

laughfactory08_09_18There are Alt-Comics, which to put it politely are not my cup of tea or to put it honestly, they stink. I started thinking wouldn’t it be funny if there was a branch of comedy that was Alt-Right comedians? I admire their meme work very much. As well, I find their insults to be shear hilarity.

I am not alt-Right. However, there are some funny mother fuckers that are. So whether you agree with them or not, the funniness is undeniable.

So could this translate from Internet to real life?

I’m not sure, but I know it can’t be as abhorrent as alternative comedy.

Here’s a couple of jokes:

-He’s so Jewish he’s surrounded by echoes.

-Never Trump supporters don’t like being called “cucks,” but they are sitting in the corner crying while we fuck the Republican Party so good it’s never going back to them.

-Hillary Clinton has so much blood on her hands which makes sense because she’s a criminal who got caught red-handed.

-George Soros more like George Tsuris.

I’m just spit-balling here. I think it could be an interesting comedy subset though.

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