Must They Ruin Everything?

Apparently Hollywood is on a suicide mission. After the flop of the Ghostbusters reboot with all women they have decided to make an all female Ocean’s 11 called Ocean’s 8. This is going to be a crime against humanity.

I’m not saying that a female heavy cast can’t make a good movie, look at the  Kill Bill franchise. Then again, it starred a good actress and everything else was propped up by great direction and writing.

I liked Thelma & Louise, though Harvey Keitel and Michael Madsen are my favorites in it.

Hmmmm, all female cast, a-ha!  Heathers! Great dark comedy!

That being said, nobody wants to see an all female caper. I was already annoyed with the male remakes of this. Those idiots stepping in for the Rat Pack is sheer madness. (Not to mention the original’s ending is perfect!)

Here are the ladies:

Anne Hathaway: You’re not Audrey Hepburn!

Helena Bonham Carter: Why? You’re better than this?

Sandra Bullock: If Keanu Reeves didn’t carry Speed you’d be the nobody you deserve to be.

Cate Blanchett: You can actually act! Bow out of this!

Rihanna: Um, will your speaking lines be auto-tuned?

Mindy Kalling: No. I thought we were finally rid of her.

Awkwafina: I had to Google this bitch. She’s on Girl Code. Case closed.

No idea who number eight is, probably going to be like Lena Dunham or Amy Schumer. Puke.

By the way, even in male dominated movies, women ruin everything. Talia Shire in The Godfather Saga is the weakest one. No wonder why Carlo beat Connie so badly in it!

Maybe I will be proved wrong but I imagine that this will bomb so badly that it will make Operation Linebacker look like a sunny day.

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