But Seriously…..They’re Not Funny


Christopher Hitchens’ article, “Why Women Aren’t Funny” was published in 2007. Since then, this idea has been broached by many people. I don’t even understand how this is up for debate. Women are not funny.

Women can be amusing or have a funny line here and there but they are not consistently funny. I have never been with a girl who can sit there and riff on a topic or person and come up with steady really humorous lines. They may be able to bang one solid line but that’s it. I have been with many guys who are capable of accomplishing this.

There is a huge difference in being amusing and being funny. Amusing is deviating, funny is stable.

I would say that Joan Rivers’ comedy was funny. She is probably the only female stand up who has made me laugh out loud throughout a guest appearance on a talk show or performing a set. However, if she were alive, would her comedic ability be sustained if I were just to be casually hanging out with her? I think without the pre-written jokes that she would be amusing, have some good zingers but I don’t believe she would be all-around funny.

I have yet to meet a female that is genuinely funny, so sorry ladies, but we are just not funny.

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