White Knight

Patrice O’Neal used to say, “You can be racial without being racist.” That’s precisely what is about to go down.

In 2006, I recall Patrice O’Neal stating that “it is over for white guys,” and “don’t worry, you’ll make a comeback in five years.” Well, Patrice was absolutely correct, it is over for white guys but he was slightly off in his comeback estimation, instead of five years it was nine to ten.

White guys have one man to thank for this, Donald Trump.

He’s finally reminding you to have some backbone and not let people walk all over with throwaway generic terms like racist, sexist and misogynist. He is your Messiah. If you’re a white guy, I’m not saying you should be voting for him, but you probably should be.

I mean it’s over for all men but at least non-white guys can still have some say. I think you all should join forces and start running shit again. Overthrow the reign of these unhinged women and weak men that kowtow to these deranged females. Reclaim what is rightfully yours!

If you get Trump in the White House, you will remember what a strong alpha male is. He really is your last hope. Otherwise you’re going to have to live in a world where you can’t say anything without punishment, regret is rape and  you just being white men is the worst atrocity against humanity ever committed.

Save yourselves! Rise up! Follow the lead of your white knight!

Hey, remember, everybody loves a good comeback story.

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