Why Can’t I?

I’m not a huge fan of the 19th Amendment because most of these voters have no logic when picking their candidates. However, it isn’t going away anytime soon and since that’s the case,that means my vote counts.

In 2008 and 2012 many voted for Barack Obama because he is half-black.

In 2016 many plan on voting for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman.

If this is the level of rationale the general public are using in casting their ballots then I will get on board with this. After all, I am a woman of the people, the problem is I detest the people.

So with this simplification in mind, I will vote for Donald Trump because he is funny. He makes me laugh. His tweets are funny. I love that he gives everybody a nickname as I have the same modus operandi. I think it is funny that the political elites and pundits are losing their minds over him.

But what if he wins? That won’t be funny.

In fact, it will be sheer hilarity. From Trump’s victory speech to the inauguration to the re-election.

Let the people in government and media have their cries unheard the way the people’s cries have been dismissed for the last 20 years. They lughed then, it’s out turn to laugh now.

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