Clubber Lang or Ivan Drago?

I am so torn!

Recently they have been showing all the Rocky movies on television and so obviously I have no choice but to watch them. This brought me to the great question: Which is the best Rocky film of the franchise not counting the original which is the best one?

Quite the conundrum!

I am unable to pick between 3 and 4.

On one hand you have Clubber Lang. It’s Mr. T! Heyday Mr. T! Clubber Lang was the best shit talker, not to mention the appearance of Hulk Hogan, the death of Mickey and Paulie’s commentary while in the mainly black gym Apollo takes Rocky to train in.

On the other hand you have Ivan Drago. Dolph Lundgren at his finest. “I must break you!” James Brown, Drago killing Apollo, Rocky training in the Soviet Union and ultimately not only defeating Drago but the Cold War! Also, Brigitte Nielsen before she hit the wall.

I just can’t pick.

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