That’s Some White Girl Shit

There are certain things that specific types of people are guilty of doing that nobody outside that particular classification ever does. Since it is summer, I have noticed the resurgence of one of my biggest annoyances. What is this seasonal specific irritant? The bare feet on the dashboard of a car.

This disgusting display seems to only be perpetrated by white girls. I don’t know where they get the idea that it is fine to take their dirty, smelly, sweaty feet and place them on the interior of a vehicle? It is not only uncouth but disrespectful to owner of the automobile.

Every single time I notice this, it is a white girl and the worse part is that they are doing it in some guy’s car. Father, friend, boyfriend whatever. I would never dare do this in any care but I tremble to think if I attempted this act in my father’s car. Right, because he actually raised me right, it would never happen. I also don’t get why boyfriends aren’t putting their girls in check on this. If I was in their shoes the first line out of my mouth would be, “Get your stinky feet off of my dashboard!” Oh wait, it has been.

Lucky me, I’ve had female friends who have done this, make no mistake they never did it again.

I understand that I’m a white girl (sort of) but I just think it’s trashy. Stop doing it. By the way, I’ve never had a girl do it with their shoes on, which I’ve also seen, but that’s legitimate grounds for pulling over and kicking them out of the car.

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