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I think we’ve all been there when we got lost in a loop on However, isn’t it crazy where the journey leads you.

Just this last week I was on quite an expedition that led me to a place I was not prepared for.

I ended up stumbling upon a title of an old made for television movie from my high school days. To understand how ancient I am, the movie was originally shown on NBC when they still did Monday Night Movies. My friends and I used to watch them so we could make fun of them the next day at school.

Anyway, I started clicking through the cast members and was blown away by who was in it as some were not famous at that point in their careers.

I remember thinking the guy who played the lead in this particular film was somebody that we all thought was actually really good in it despite it being made for T.V.

So of course I click on him and continued along my imdb excursion. It seemed that he sort of fell-off the scene about a decade ago. I had to investigate.

I found myself traveling to his Wikipedia page. There it was, accused of second-degree child rape for allegedly assaulting a 12-year old girl. Well I would say that’s a heck of a way to end a career.

This is precisely why I don’t care to travel.

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